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Remote Learning – How To Learn From Home

These unprecedented times have proven that if anyone can learn remotely it is students from the Digital Business Management Program. Over the last couple of weeks students have been transitioning towards online classes as campuses have shut down across the world. People may be feeling anxious and stressed as we continue to follow the regular curriculum and attempt to complete the following semester with ease. In the past I have had online classes and I understand how difficult it may be to stay focused, keep track of due dates, and also practice self care. I have three tips that I have been following during quarantine:

  1. Create a workplace/office in your home that is free of distractions
  •  Situate yourself in an area where you will not be surrounded by distractions. Personally, I like to find a room with a proper desk where I am able to use my laptop.   
  1. Keep an updated calendar/agenda
  •   One of my biggest struggles during the transition towards remote learning was the constant struggle of remembering due dates. Usually we are more aware of certain due dates as professors let us know while we are in the physical classroom. 
  1. Take advantage of applications such as Zoom and Discord
  •  You may still have group assignments or final projects that still need to be complete. Applications such as discord allow you to create groups where you can add team members, share video and audio, share your screen, and also offer many other tools such as a chat box. 

Lastly, we should all take this extra time we have and use it to our advantage. Learn a new skill; lately I have been learning how to use photoshop and become comfortable with the application. All it takes is a couple of youtube videos and trial and error of course! Stay safe and most importantly stay home!

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