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Google Analytics

Recently I attended a #digitalks webinar that focused on the topic of Google Analytics and how useful it can be for your website!

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool that everyone has access to although may not even know it. The tool basically tracks and reports all information relating to your website traffic. You implement a code that is given to you and works as a data platform. For example, you would be able to view how many of your users came from Facebook or Instagram. This allows you to put your resources where it is best suited, such as which platform to advertise on.

Google Analytics creates real-time reports of who is on your website and what device, operating system, location, and traffic sources that they are viewing from. Google Analytics also showcases which users came from an organic search and those from paid searches. This is very useful while calculating your ROI on social media posts.

Google Analytics offers an overview of your audience that is easy to look at. You are able to select specific timelines and compare many variables which includes how many users your site gets per day, sales (depending on your website), and even average session duration per customer. It is a birds eye view of how well your website is doing.

There is a section located on Google Analytics called demographics. This includes the language report of your users, which country they visit from as well as which web browser they come from (chrome, firewall) and age groups.

Google Data Studio is apart of Analytics that compresses all of the data that has been reported into satisfying reports that can be sent to your boss or any of your colleagues. Data Studio can schedule a weekly report that can be automatically emailed to directly to your employers or clients. Below is a screen capture of how this would be presented:

Why should you get Google’s analytics certificate?

  • It is absolutely Free.
  • Looks very professional on your resume.
  • Can benefit your own business or the one you currently work for.

If you would like to complete this certificate, it takes about 3 hours to complete and is relatively simple. Visit Google Skillshop, press on “Get Certified, and you should be able to see “Analytics Academy” where you will be able to watch tutorials and complete the course.

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